NOVA-2 / Project 25

The technical specifications are the following:

  • Propellants: Ethanol/Liquid Oxygen
  • Thrust: 1200 Newtons
  • Chamber pressure: 20 bar
  • System: Pressure-fed, regeneratively cooled
  • Apogee: 3000 m

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The technical specifications are the following:

  • Propellants: Ethanol/gaseous oxygen
  • Thrust: 20 Newtons
  • Chamber pressure: 10 bar

Test Fire 1

During the first test-fire the igniter was ejected prematurely causing the ignition to happen outside the chamber. The team still considers the test-fire a success as all systems worked as intended, especially the safety flushing, preventing damage to the engine. We have identified possible solutions to the problem and we will test-fire again in the near future.

Test Fire 2

The first test led to a series of improvements, including operational changes, and software as well as hardware upgrades. With a new startup sequence, as well as an adapted ignition system, the team was ready to try again.

The engine was fired several times. Combustion could not be sustained and lasted for about a second. The team is highly confident that this was caused by incorrect timing in the startup sequence, which is responsible for mixing propellants at the right ratio, speed, and pressure.

While this marks the end of NOVA-1, the engine served as a valuable learning platform. The team gained crucial experience in developing liquid bi-propellant rocket engines. We’ve learned a lot and will continue pushing the boundaries to create even more powerful engines and rockets in the future.